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The Ultimate in Backyard Fun!

Our Semi-Inground pools are so well engineered they can be installed totally above ground or in-ground. Also known as “Optimum Pools” our pool systems provide the best of all worlds. You get the quality, durability and aesthetics you’d expect from a traditional inground pool ---- with an affordable price tag! Simply designed as an extension to your existing outdoor deck or incorporated into the design of your overall project.

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Our pool systems offer the widest range of options. From simple round and oval shapes to impressive kidney, emerald, keyhole and octagon shapes. Each available in a wide variety of sizes. GreenDay will enhanced your pool project with the elegance of natural stone travertine pavers. Travertine pavers can withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating. Travertine pavers are not only able to withstand freeze-thaw cycles, but also extreme heat. Heat resistant, they won’t burn your feet in hot summer months, and they absorb water proving a slip resistant, safe walking and playing surface for the whole family.

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